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Dear Customers,
We inform you that in recent days, as announced also by all the media, there have been some strikes in several regions of the country that, thanks to the interventions provided by the ns. organization, have had a marginal impact on the smooth running of the service.

In particular, the CGIL, CISL and UIL have implemented the strike also in some regions in days and with different durations from those listed below where the unrest were confirmed (below)

Campania - November 15;
Lazio - November 13;
Lecco - November 15;
Milan - November 15;
Piedmont - November 15;
Tuscany - November 13, all day;
Umbria on November 15 full day;
Venice - November 15;
Venice-stop from 13 November transporters watery;
Venice - November 15 (CGIL, CISL and UIL).

We apologize, however, for any inconvenience that may have occurred, although outside the control of our organization will.